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    Hauptseite » 2013 » Februar » 10 » Milestone on Mars Curiosity drilled this hole
    Milestone on Mars Curiosity drilled this hole
    WASHINGTON - The Mars robot "Curiosity" was first drilled into the Red Planet to remove a rock sample for analysis.

    Sensation on Mars: Curiosity drilled a 1.6 inches wide and 6.4 cm deep hole in a rock.
    "The most advanced planetary robot ever designed, is now a full analysis laboratory that operates on Mars," John Grunsfeld of the U.S. space agency NASA said yesterday.
    This is the biggest milestone, the robot has achieved since its successful landing on Mars in August. The rock sample is likely to provide information on assessment of NASA's long gone "wet areas" on Mars.
    To be prepared for any rock on Mars, NASA had long tinkered at the drill for "Curiosity". Eight drills were developed to more than 1200 holes were made in 20 types of rocks of the Earth, said engineer Louise Jandura.
    "Curiosity" had landed in early August after a more than eight-month journey through space on Mars. The 2.5 billion dollar mission is planned for a period of two years. The research robot will search for signs of life on the Red Planet. (SDA)

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